I've developed assorted patches for existing code over the years. The following page is divided into three sections. The first is patches that I am currently keeping up to date with the code that they track, the second is patches that are for older versions of software and that I'm no longer tracking. The third is a list of patches that made it into the distribution.

Current patches

Kerberos V5 and GSSAPI support in OpenSSH
These patches add Kerberos V5 support, including ticket forwarding, to OpenSSH when using the SSH1 protocol. They also add GSSAPI support to the OpenSSH implementation of the SSH2 protocol.
Patches and installation instructions

Kerberos and GSSAPI support in Jabber
Patches for jabberd2 and assorted clients, to add support for authenticating users by Kerberos, using the GSSAPI SASL mechanism. Patches and installation instructions

Older patches

Apache cache control
Adds the Cache Control: private header to any pages that are subject to access restrictions.

Apache include timestamping
Turns on the sending of Last-Modified headers on SSI documents, based on the update time of the base document. This makes these documents cachable.

Patches in distributions

Group access restrictions in LPRng
Support for restricting access by netgroup.
Appletalk support in Ethereal
Initial implementation of Appletalk support.
texdoc is a utility to find and load documentation in the teTeX TeX package.
Timeouts in pam_krb5
This adds support for shorter timeouts on KDC accesses. The timeouts are configurable from the pam section of /etc/krb5.conf
Addressless tickets in pam_krb5
When using pam_krb5 on a machine behind a NATing firewall, the tickets that it gains are useless as they're for the wrong address. This patch adds the same behaviour as kinit -A when the addressless option is specified in the configuration file.