Simon Wilkinson - Lighting Design

"a designer who knows how to shed light and colour just right"
- review of "The Odd Couple", Byre Theatre, Sept 2002

Mary's Wedding
Mary's Wedding, Perth Theatre
dir: Rita Henderson, des: Karen Tennent

I am a lighting designer, with a background in theatre, musical and corporate lighting design. I have experience of a wide range of venues, desks and equipment, ranging from small studio theatre shows to large touring venues, and of designing both conventional and moving light rigs.

Recent designs have ranged from small, studio and fringe theatre based projects, to several number 1 scale tours. More details of my work can be obtained from the links on the left, or from my pages at the Association of Lighting Designers. Please contact me if you wish further information, including details of referees.

Last year, I designed the Light Fantastic searchlight installation for the opening week of the new Perth Concert Hall. The installation was widely reported in the press - more details, and some images are available here